Lucas OIL Raceway - E.T. Bracket Series 2017

Lucas Oil Raceway opened the 2017 Sunoco Race Fuels ET Bracket Series fueled by Brown's Oil Service with a large turnout for the double-header weekend. The series kicked off with great racing and over 200 cars participating both Saturday and Sunday. Over the course of the weekend, Lucas Oil Raceway paid out more than $15,000 in prize money! 

For a full list of results: CLICK HERE. Otherwise the below are all the winners from the weekend. Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to seeing you all again!
Saturday Results:
M&K Sport Coach Pro ET
W: Cody Alumbough ('96 S10) 7.188 - 94.82 (7.19 dial)

Hunt and Sons Memorials Super Pro
W: Bill Casner ('71 Duster) 5.761 - 117.60 (5.74 dial)

Beach Automotive Sportsman
W: Tony Chrisagis ('94 S10) 12.84 - 93.09 (12.77 dial)

G&G Metal Spinners Super Pro Bike
W: Mark Paramenter 10.154 - 130.91 (9.99 dial)

Junior Dragster - Minors
W: Luke May-Small ('97 Spitzer) 9.146 - 69.73 (9.09 dial)

Junior Dragster - Majors
W: Dominick White ('03 Pickers) 7.950 - 82.05 (7.93 dial)

Sunday Results:
M&K Sport Coach Pro ET
W: Marty McKinney ('68 Firebird) 6.533 - 99.99 (6.51 dial)

Hunt and Sons Memorials Super Pro
W: Joey Shipp ('91 Cutlass) 5.136 - 128.63 (5.07 dial)

G&G Metal Spinners Super Pro Bike
W: Mike Mullaney ('08 Suzuki) 9.024 - 150.53 (8.99 dial)

Junior Dragster - Minors
W: Luke May-Small ('97 Spitzer) 9.219 - 69.08 (9.18 dial)

Junior Dragster - Majors
W: Dominick White ('03 Pickens) 7.910 - 82.49 (7.94 dial)

Beach Automotive Sportsman
W: Zach Gosnell ('80 Camaro) 11.928 - 90.15 (12.00 dial)

Self-Serve Station - Lucas Oil Raceway Clermont, IN

SUNOCO RACE FUELS are now available at the new self-serve fuel station at Lucas Oil Raceway. The system will except VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Fuel will be available during open hours of the raceway and most scheduled events.

Lucas Oil Raceway is located west of Indianapolis at Address: 10267 E Us Highway 136, Clermont, IN 46234. For information contact Brown's Oil Service 317-547-0035

Self-serve Products Available at Lucas Oil Raceway


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As the largest manufacturer and refiner of racing gasolines in the world, Sunoco has nearly five decades of winning performances. With an expanded product line, Sunoco offers drivers more choices than ever before. For the performance your engine is designed to deliver, consistently choose Sunoco Race Fuels.

When it comes to competing successfully, choose the fuel that is synonymous with the Winner’s Circle. Choose Sunoco.

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Greensburg, IN - Dealer

Kevin Cunningham - Grabs the Holeshot! on SUNOCO RACE FUEL

Brown's Oil Service is pleased to have Sunoco Racing Fuel now available through Cunningham Racing.

Cunningham Racing & Repair Service offers a wide variety of services ranging from simple machine repair and routine maintenance, to more involved complete motor rebuilds. Our shop is equipped with a lathe, a mill, tubing bender, and many different types of welders and boring machines, and a host of other processes. For years we have worked on all types of ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Karts, TQ Midgets and Mini Sprints and with our certified trained technicians no job is too BIG!

For SUNOCO Race Gas in the greensburg, IN area Call: Cunningham Racing at 812-591-3656


Martinsville, IN - Dealer

We are pleased to announce that Mud Motorsports now offers SUNOCO Racing Fuels. Be sure to stop in and talk to  Josh Lane about the available products, including STANDARD 110 available in bulk (BYOC) "Bring Your Own Can!". Mud Motorsports offers tune-ups, repair, and maintenance on ATV's and Dirtbikes. If you live in the Martinsville area, they can help you. Mud Motorsports also carries the hottest new products. If you’re looking for the latest and the greatest dirt accessories, let Mud Motorsports help!

Mud Motorsports
459 Commercial Blvd
Martinsville, IN 46151
  (765) 349-8938